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Feature: Shortcut to let you start the slide show from the present slide

Shortcut Category: Shortcuts for PowerPoint
Shortcut Command: View Show From Active Slide

Default Shortcut Key: F3


There are quite a few ways in PowerPoint through which one can launch a slide show. One of them is through the menu (Slide Show | View Show) and this has a keyboard shortcut (F5). Another way is through a small button on the bottom-left hand side of the screen and this doesn't have a keyboard shortcut. PowerPoint behaves in a different way in each of these two cases. In the former case, it begins the slide show right from the first slide and in the latter case, it starts from the slide that is being seen in the environment (active slide). Shortcuts for PowerPoint lets you start the slide show from the present slide using a keyboard shortcut.

For calling from macros:

Sub PPShortcuts_StartShowFromActiveSlide()
    Application.Run "PPShortcuts.ppa!StartShowFromActiveSlide"
End Sub

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