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Feature: Select Pen Color During Slide Shows

Shortcut Category: Shortcuts for PowerPoint
Shortcut Commands: Select Black Pen, Select White Pen, Select Red Pen, Select Green Pen, Select Yellow Pen, Select Blue Pen, Select Cyan Pen, Select Magenta Pen, Select Grey Pen, Select Dark Red Pen, Select Dark Green Pen, Select Dark Blue Pen

Default Shortcut Keys: <None>


Shortcuts for PowerPoint implements functions that enables you to select one of the 9 pen color using a keyboard shortcut during slide show..

For calling from macros:

Sub PPShortcuts_SelectBlackPen()
    Application.Run "PPShortcuts.ppa!SelectBlackPen"
End Sub

Sub PPShortcuts_SelectWhitePen()
    Application.Run "PPShortcuts.ppa!SelectWhitePen"
End Sub

Sub PPShortcuts_SelectRedPen()
    Application.Run "PPShortcuts.ppa!SelectRedPen"
End Sub

Sub PPShortcuts_SelectGreenPen()
    Application.Run "PPShortcuts.ppa!SelectGreenPen"
End Sub

Sub PPShortcuts_SelectBluePen()
    Application.Run "PPShortcuts.ppa!SelectBluePen"
End Sub

Sub PPShortcuts_SelectCyanPen()
    Application.Run "PPShortcuts.ppa!SelectCyanPen"
End Sub

Sub PPShortcuts_SelectMagentaPen()
    Application.Run "PPShortcuts.ppa!SelectMagentaPen"
End Sub

Sub PPShortcuts_SelectYellowPen()
    Application.Run "PPShortcuts.ppa!SelectYellowPen"
End Sub

Sub PPShortcuts_SelectGreyPen()
    Application.Run "PPShortcuts.ppa!SelectGreyPen"
End Sub

Sub PPShortcuts_SelectDarkRedPen()
    Application.Run "PPShortcuts.ppa!SelectDarkRedPen"
End Sub

Sub PPShortcuts_SelectDarkGreenPen()
    Application.Run "PPShortcuts.ppa!SelectDarkGreenPen"
End Sub

Sub PPShortcuts_SelectDarkBluePen()
    Application.Run "PPShortcuts.ppa!SelectDarkBluePen"
End Sub


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