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Feature: Create a new slide with normally unavailable layouts

Shortcut Category: Shortcuts for PowerPoint
Shortcut Commands: Create Blank Slide, Create Vertical Text Slide, Create Vertical Title-Text Slide, Create Vertical Title-Text-Chart Slide, Create Clipart-Vertical Text Slide

Default Shortcut Keys: <None>


PowerPoint allows you to create a new slide using the Ctrl+M shortcut. It will create a new slide with the same layout as the active slide layout. If the active slide layout is has Title and Text placeholders, then the new slide will also have the same layout. The only exception seems to be the Title slide. If you are on Title slide, then the new slide will be created with Title and Text layout.

Shortcuts for PowerPoint enables you to define keyboard shortcut for creating a blank slide. It also enables you to create layouts that are not normally available through the PowerPoint user interface. It enables you to define keyboard shortcuts to create these layouts too.

For calling from macros:

Sub PPShortcuts_CreateBlankSlide()
    Application.Run "PPShortcuts.ppa!CreateBlankSlide"
End Sub

Sub PPShortcuts_CreateVerticalTextSlide()
    Application.Run "PPShortcuts.ppa!CreateVerticalTextSlide"
End Sub

Sub PPShortcuts_CreateVerticalTitleTextSlide()
    Application.Run "PPShortcuts.ppa!CreateVerticalTitleTextSlide"
End Sub

Sub PPShortcuts_CreateVerticalTitleTextChartSlide()
    Application.Run "PPShortcuts.ppa!CreateVerticalTitleTextChartSlide"
End Sub

Sub PPShortcuts_CreateClipArtVerticalTextSlide()
    Application.Run "PPShortcuts.ppa!CreateClipArtVerticalTextSlide"
End Sub


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