OfficeOne Shortcuts for PowerPoint

Tutorial 2 - Invoke Feature through Action Setting

This tutorial explains how to use the feature available with Shortcuts for PowerPoint as an Action Setting of any shape on the slides.

For this tutorial, we will use the Print the current slide feature of Shortcuts for PowerPoint. We start by creating a one line VBA macro that calls this feature and then we shall assign this macro as an Action Setting of a shape or text.

Step 1: Create a blank presentation

We will start with a blank presentation for this tutorial. Lets assume that you just launched Microsoft PowerPoint and are facing a presentation with a blank slide.

Step 2: Create a one line VBA macro

With every feature of Shortcuts for PowerPoint, you will find the macro name that gets executed for that feature. For instance, for Printing the current slide, you will find that the macro PPShortcuts.ppa!PrintCurrentSlide gets executed. You need to call this macro from your presentation.

Follow these steps:

  1. Selecting Tools | Macro | Visual Basic Editor menu item. You would be taken to Visual Basic Editor.
  2. Our presentation would be listed there as VBAProject (<Presentation File Name>). For our presentation, it would be listed as VBAProject (Presentation1).
  3. Alternate Click (that is, Right Click on most configurations) on VBA Project (Presentation1).
  4. Select Insert | Module from the menu item. This would add a new module into your presentation.
  5. In the module, write the following lines:

    Sub PPShortcuts_PrintCurrentSlide()
        Application.Run "PPShortcuts.ppa!PrintCurrentSlide"
    End Sub

  6. Select File | Close and Return to Microsoft PowerPoint menu item in Visual basic Editor.

You are now set to assign this macro as Action Setting of any shape or text.

You can write many such subroutines within a single module. To use more than one feature of Shortcuts for PowerPoint from Action Settings in the same presentation, you can use the same module (that we created in step 4). Just give a different name for the macro for each feature. In the tutorial, we gave the name PPShortcuts_PrintCurrentSlide to our macro.

Step 3: Create a shape on the slide

Step 4: Assign Action Settings to use our macro

Follow these steps to assign Action Settings to the same: 

  1. Alternate Click (Right Click on most configurations) on the shape.
  2. Select Action Settings... menu item.
  3. On the Mouse Click page, select Run macro: button.
  4. Select PPShortcuts_PrintCurrentSlide from the list.
  5. Click OK.

The Mouse Click action has now been assigned to print the current slide. When you click the shape during the slide show, it will print the current slide.

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