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Interactive Projectors
Interactive Projectors are projectors that have a built-in system for detecting a pen. The projector, as usual, projects on a wall but now the wall can be used as an interactive surface and can be written to by a special pen. The pen provides feedback to the projector, which propagates it back to the computer connected to the projector. The software on the computer makes the changes to the display that the projector is projecting. This makes interactive projectors similar to interactive whiteboards - but without the board.
Here are a few companies, their interactive projectors and some of the specifications for comparison (the specifications are taken from the vendor's website):
Projector (Amazon links) Brightness (lumens) Native Resolution
Epson BrightLink 455Wi Interactive Projector 2500 WXGA (1280x800, 16:10)
Epson BrightLink 450Wi Interactive Projector 2500 WXGA (1280x800, 16:10)
Epson BrightLink Solo Interactive Module
  This is an interactive module from Epson that works with any projector and makes it interactive!
Not Applicable WXGA (1280x800, 16:10)
XGA (1024x768, 4:3)
Infocus In3916 Interactive Projector 2700 WXGA (1280x800, 16:10)
Infocus In3914 Interactive Projector 2700 XGA (1024x768, 4:3)
ViewSonic PJD7583wi Interactive Projector 3000 WXGA (1280x800, 16:10)
ViewSonic PJD7383i Interactive Projector 3000 XGA (1024x768, 4:3)
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