Picture-in-Picture icon OfficeOne Picture-in-Picture Presentation

OfficeOne Picture-in-Picture Presentation works on PowerPoint presentations and allows you to add next slide thumbnails to all slides in your presentations. Use it as follows:
  1. Open your presentation in PowerPoint.
  2. Click the Design Tools tab. This tab is introduced by Picture-in-Picture Presentation.
  3. Click the Insert Next Slide Image button.
  4. Set the thumbnail size and position and click Insert button.
  5. Picture-in-Picture Presentation will start adding next slide thumbnail to each slide around the bottom right area on your slides.
Go through all your slides and check if the next slide thumbnail is obstructing slide content. You may want to move the thumbnail in that case. When you update any slide, click Insert Next Slide Image button again to update the thumbnail with updated slide. The position and size of each thumbnail is maintained in this case.
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