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How is OfficeOne PowerShow different from OfficeOne PowerViewer?
The following table lists the primary differences between OfficeOne PowerShow and OfficeOne PowerViewer:
Feature OfficeOne PowerShow OfficeOne PowerViewer
PowerPoint v/s PowerPoint Viewer Used with Microsoft PowerPoint. It requires full Microsoft PowerPoint. Used with the free Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer. It does not work with the full Microsoft PowerPoint.
Multiple Monitors OfficeOne PowerShow supports any number of monitors and monitors can have any resolution. OfficeOne PowerViewer is restricted by the limitations of the free PowerPoint Viewer. It requires the slide show monitor to be of the same resolution as the primary monitor.
Multiple Slide Shows Allows you to run different slide shows on different monitors simultaneously. Supports multiple slide shows configured through a single user interface. Allows you to run different slide shows on different monitors simultaneously through multiple executions of PowerViewer.
Notes view Can show formatted notes on a different monitor. Supports slide show only. Does not support notes view.
Control all slide shows Allows you to control slide shows through a central console called Session Controller and through PowerShow Controller command-line utility. Allows you to control different slide shows through command-line utilities.
Span across multiple monitors Can span slide shows across multiple monitors. You can show a slide show on a video wall composed of multiple monitors arranged in matrix layout. Slide shows are restricted to a single monitor. Slide shows cannot span multiple monitors.
Share monitor across multiple slide shows Can run multiple slide shows on a monitor through Ticker Show feature. Slide shows can share the monitor space with other slide shows or other application windows. Slide shows need to occupy the whole monitor. Slide shows cannot share monitor space with other slide shows or other applications.
Playlists For playing slide shows sequentially one after other, you would need to chain the presentations. Looping playlists are also supported. Supports playlists. You can run slide shows sequentially one after other using playlists. Looping playlists are not supported.
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