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SDK - PowerShow APIs
PowerShow APIs are available in the PowerPoint environment. To access those APIs, you need to start PowerPoint through Automation. You can use the Run() method of PowerPoint Application object to execute PowerShow APIs. Please contact officeone@officeoneonline.com for more information on these APIs.
Download (71 KB) a sample application that demonstrates how to use these APIs. The sample application was written in C# with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008.
The following is a list of APIs:
Launching a full PowerShow Session
PowerShowLaunchSession launches the PowerShow Session with the settings stored in the specified file. Set LaunchShow as True to directly launch the PowerShow Session. Set LaunchShow as False to load the session settings from the file and show the PowerShow Session Settings dialog box.
CLI: PowerShowLaunchSession
API: PowerShow.ppa!PowerShowLaunchSession
PowerShow.ppa!PowerShowLaunchSession( _
    ByVal SessionSettingsFileName As String, _
    ByVal LaunchShow As Boolean)
Launching a TickerShow Session
PowerShowLaunchTickerShow starts a TickerShow Session using the layout and presentations specified through LayoutPresFileName. Use MonitorNum to specify the monitor on which the slide shows should run.
CLI: PowerShowLaunchTickerShow
API: PowerShow.ppa!PowerShowLaunchTickerShow
PowerShow.ppa!PowerShowLaunchTickerShow( _
    ByVal LayoutPresFileName As String, _
    ByVal MonitorNum As Long)
Launching a Multi-Panel Session
MultiPanelLaunchShow launches a Multi-Panel Show with the specified presentation file. You can specify the size of the slide show in terms of number of monitors wide through XMonitorCount and the number of monitors in height through YMonitorCount.
CLI: MultiPanelLaunchShow
API: PowerShow.ppa!MultiPanelLaunchShow
PowerShow.ppa!MultiPanelLaunchShow( _
    ByVal PresFileName As String, _
    ByVal XMonitorCount As Long, _
    ByVal YMonitorCount as Long)
Terminating a running PowerShow session
ExitPowerShowSession quits a running PowerShow Session. All slide shows and notes that are part of the session are closed.
CLI: ExitPowerShowSession
API: PowerShow.ppa!ExitPowerShowSession
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