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PowerShow Session Controller
The PowerShow Session Controller dialog provides a central place for controlling all the slide shows started in a PowerShow Session. It has a page for each running slide show. In addition, there is an All Shows page that allows you to control all running slide shows simultaneously. Session Controller allows you to use your remote presenter devices to control the slide shows remotely. When you are on the All Shows page, the remote presenter device would control all running slide shows and when you are on a specific slide show's page in Session Controller, then the remote presenter device would control that slide show.
Each page has:
  1. Thumbnail showing the currently showing slide
  2. Thumbnail showing the next slide
  3. Controls that enable you to navigate through the slide show
Navigation controls include:
  1. Go to First Slide
  2. Go to Previous Slide
  3. Go to Next Slide
  4. Go to Last Slide
  5. Go to the Previously Viewed Slide
  6. Blank the screen black
  7. Blank the screen white
  8. Jump to the slide with a particular title
  9. Jump to the slide with a particular index
  10. End the PowerShow Session
The PowerShow Session Controller looks something like this:
PowerShow Session Controller
To show Session Controller on monitor 1 and your presentation on monitor 2, do the following:
  1. Open your presentation in PowerPoint.
  2. Select Slide Show | Power Show... menu item.
  3. On the Presentations tab, set up the configuration as follows:
    1. Select <Session Controller>.
    2. Select your presentation <Slide Show> in the second row and 1 monitor.
  4. Click Start Show button.
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