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Open a hyperlinked slide show on the second monitor while running another slide show on a different monitor
Yes, you can get this using PowerShow. Lets assume the following setup:
  1. A presentation called laptop.ppt that has a menu slide.
  2. Each bullet point links with a different presentation p1.ppt, p2.ppt and p3.ppt respectively.
  3. laptop.ppt would be displayed on laptop's primary monitor.
  4. When the first bullet point is clicked, p1.ppt should be displayed on the second monitor or the projector.
The following configuration steps enable you to set this up with PowerShow:
  1. Make sure that PowerShow has been installed in PowerPoint.
  2. Open laptop.ppt, p1.ppt, p2.ppt and p3.ppt in PowerPoint.
  3. Add the following macros to laptop.ppt:
    	Sub StartPres1()
    	    StartSlideShowOnMonitor Presentations("p1.ppt"), 2
    	End Sub
    Sub StartPres2()     StartSlideShowOnMonitor Presentations("p2.ppt"), 2 End Sub
    Sub StartPres3()     StartSlideShowOnMonitor Presentations("p3.ppt"), 2 End Sub
  4. Add reference to PowerShow:
    1. In the macro editor, select Tools | References... menu item.
    2. Locate and select PowerShow in the list of available references. Put a check mark against PowerShow.
    3. Click OK.
  5. In the menu slide, add Action Settings for the first bullet to run StartPres1 macro.
  6. The Action Settings for second bullet should be set to run StartPres2 macro.
  7. And finally, the Action Settings for second bullet should be set to run StartPres3 macro.

Now when you run laptop.ppt on the primary monitor, you can click on the bullets to start p1.ppt, p2.ppt and p3.ppt on second monitor. The presentations for this tip is available for download here.

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