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Pause/resume multiple slide shows at the same time
PowerShow allows you to run multiple slide shows simultaneously. In some cases, you would want to pause all those slide shows simultaneously and subsequently resume them all. Here are 2 methods for achieving this.
Method 1: Using keyboard shortcuts provided by Shortcuts for PowerPoint add-in
The Shortcut Manager add-in from http://www.officeoneonline.com/ppsctmgr/ppsctmgr.html allows you to define keyboard shortcuts to PowerPoint menu items and macros. The companion add-in Shortcuts for PowerPoint at http://www.officeoneonline.com/ppshortcuts/ppshortcuts.html adds a lot of macros to PowerPoint and allows Shortcut Manager to define shortcuts to these additional macros.
Download and install "Shortcuts for PowerPoint" add-in as well as "Shortcut Manager". After installing, Shortcuts for PowerPoint add-in defines Ctrl+Alt+Shift+P key combination for pausing all slide shows and Ctrl+Alt+Shift+R key combination for resuming all slide shows.
If you wish to change this, do the following:
  1. In PowerPoint, click Home tab, click Customize item in Keyboard Shortcuts group.
  2. Locate and select Shortcuts for PowerPoint category.
  3. Locate and select Next slide on all slide shows command.
  4. Assign a keyboard combination in Assigned shortcut to command box.
  5. Locate and select Previous slide on all slide shows command.
  6. Assign a keyboard combination in Assigned shortcut to command box.
  7. Click OK button.
Now during a PowerShow session, when you press the assigned keyboard combination, all your slide shows will pause or resume simultaneously according to the key combination you press.
Method 2: Using PowerShow SlideShow Navigator toolbar
When a PowerShow session starts, the PowerShow SlideShow Navigator gets created in the Add-Ins tab in the ribbon.
PowerShow SlideShow Navigator Toolbar
It has buttons that allow you to pause and resume all running slide shows at the same time.
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