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Display current slide on a monitor and previous slide on another monitor
With PowerShow, you can display different slide shows on different monitor. It can also synchronize slides on different monitors with each other through the Synchronous Shows feature. We can use these features to display the same slide show on 2 different monitors such that one monitor displays the current slide and other monitor displays the previous slide. Assume that we have a Left presentation that represents the slide on the left monitor and Right presentation that represents the slide on the right monitor. Since we want to show 2 slides from the same presentation, we would create a duplicate presentation and make it trail the original presentation by a slide. The steps are as follows:
  1. Assume that we have a presentation named Right.pptx. We create a duplicate of this presentation and call it Left.pptx:
    1. Open Right.pptx in Microsoft PowerPoint.
    2. Save the presentation as Left.pptx.
    3. Open Left.pptx as well as Right.pptx in Microsoft PowerPoint.
  2. In Left.pptx, insert a new blank slide at the beginning of the presentation.
  3. Setup Right.pptx to follow Left.pptx as follows:
    1. Select Slide Show | Prepare Sync Show item.
    2. Select Left.pptx as the Master presentation and place a check against Right.pptx as the Follower presentation: Prepare Sync Show
    3. Click OK button.
  4. Start PowerShow to show the Left.pptx on monitor 1 and Right.pptx on monitor 2:
    1. Select your Left.pptx <Slide Show> in the first row and 1 monitor.
    2. Select your Right.pptx <Slide Show> in the second row and 1 monitor.
  5. Click the Start Show button.
Now when you navigate Right.pptx running on monitor 2, PowerShow will keep Left.pptx running on monitor 1 in-sync with Right.pptx. Since Left.pptx has one slide more than Right-pptx, it will always lag Right.pptx by 1 slide, which effectively shows the previous slide.
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