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Stop a running PowerShow Session. Stop all running slide shows
PowerShow allows you to run multiple slide shows simultaneously. Here we look at a couple of ways to exit out of a running PowerShow Session. This would effectively stop all running slide shows in the session.
Method 1: Using keyboard shortcuts
If you have Shortcut Manager for PowerPoint installed on your computer, PowerShow detects it and defines the Ctrl+Alt+Esc to exit out of a running PowerShow Session. The Shortcut Manager for PowerPoint is available at http://www.officeoneonline.com/ppsctmgr/ppsctmgr.html.
Method 2: Using PowerShow SlideShow Navigator toolbar
When a PowerShow session starts, the PowerShow SlideShow Navigator gets created in the Add-Ins tab in the ribbon.
PowerShow SlideShow Navigator Toolbar
Click the Exit PowerShow Session button in either the ribbon or the toolbar to stop a running PowerShow Session.
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