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Run a slide show continuously through PowerViewer
Slide shows can be configured to run continuously, hands-free, without manual intervention, by setting up 4 things:
  1. Automatic (timed) animations within slides.
  2. Automatic (timed) transitions across slides.
  3. Loop continuously.
  4. Use PowerPoint Viewer 2010 with SP1 or PowerPoint Viewer 2007.
Each of these settings are described here:
Step 1: Automatic (timed) animations within slides
When applying animations to various shapes on PowerPoint slide, ensure that the animations are set up to start After Previous (to run the animations sequentially) or With Previous (to run the animations together). This means the animations do not wait for mouse clicks or keyboard input for those to move the slide show forward.
Note that this does not apply to triggered animations as they do not interfere normal slide show flow although triggered animations do not make much sense for hands-free continuous operation.
Step 2: Automatic (timed) transitions across slides
When applying slide transitions, PowerPoint allows you to set the slide transitions to happen on mouse clicks (or keyboard input) as well as automatically after a specific time. You need to set up the slide transitions to perform automatically after some amount of time.
Note that this setting also makes the animations go automatic but step 1 ensures that the automatic animations are set up intentionally.
Step 3: Loop continuously
Slide shows that need to run continuously should also be configured to loop again continuously so that they do not end after the last slide gets displayed. You can set up slide shows to loop continuously as follows:
PowerPoint 2010, 2007 PowerPoint 2003, 2002, 2000
  1. Select Slide Show tab and click Set Up Slide Show button.
  2. Check the Loop continuously until 'Esc' box.
  3. Click OK button.
  1. Click Slide Show | Set Up Show... menu item.
  2. Check the Loop continuously until 'Esc' box.
  3. Click OK button.
Step 4: Use PowerPoint Viewer 2007
OfficeOne PowerViewer supports, both, PowerPoint Viewer 2010 as well as PowerPoint Viewer 2007. If you are using PowerPoint Viewer 2010, ensure that Service Pack 1 of PowerPoint Viewer is installed on the system. SP1 fixes an issue in Viewer 2010 that used to prevent it from looping the slide show continuously.
Now you are all set to run the slide shows continuously through PowerViewer in total hands-free operation.
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