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Show same slide show on different monitors
PowerViewer allows you to display slide shows through PowerPoint Viewer on different monitors. You can mirror the slide shows from one monitor to other monitors so that multiple monitors show the same slide show. This is achieved by using OfficeOne Display Assistant. Display Assistant also keeps the mirror slide shows synchronized with the main slide show in real-time. Download and install Display Assistant for the following steps to work.
Here are the steps to mirror the slide show:
  1. Start the presentation using PowerViewer. Look at PowerViewer Tutorial for steps on starting presentation using PowerViewer.
  2. Start OfficeOne Display Assistant from Windows Start menu.
  3. Locate your slide show from the list of available windows. PowerPoint slide show window has the title of the format:
    PowerPoint Slide Show - [<your presentation>]
    Replace <your presentation> with your presentation's name.
  4. Click the monitor number button next to your slide show window in the list. This is the monitor on which Display Assistant will create a mirror of your slide show.
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