How do I animate shape using keyboard?

Scenario: I have 5 images on a slide. I want them to appear based on the audience response. When I hit the number key 1, only the first image should appear. When I hit number key 2, only the second image should appear (the rest of them shouldn't).

Problem: How do I make this happen?

Solution: You need to write code to make this happen. The code is available here in AnimateUsingKeyboard.ppt file. In addition to it, you need the following add-ins:

  1. Shortcut Manager: This will enable you to define the keyboard shortcuts.
  2. Event Generator: This will enable you to see what slide is showing to the users and take action in code based on it.
  3. Rename Shape: This add-in is written by Shyam and will help you name the images to make it easier to understand the code.

Follow these steps to see the demo:

  1. Download and install Shortcut Manager add-in.
  2. Download and install Event Generator add-in.
  3. Download and open AnimateUsingKeyboard.ppt in PowerPoint.
  4. Start the slide show.
  5. When you reach on slide 2, press any of the numbered keys from 1 to 5. Each key will bring up the corresponding image.

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