How do I start numbering slides from slide 4 onwards?

One of the ways to get this done is as follows:
  1. Place your actual first 3 slides at the end of the presentation and start your presentation from your 4th slide. PowerPoint would number your slides from 1 and that would be the correct number for your 4th slide.
  2. Remove the slide numbers from the last 3 slides (which are your actual first 3 slides).
  3. Create a Custom Show such that your last 3 slides are placed as the first 3 slides in the Custom Show and the remaining slides follow those 3 slides. To create a Custom Show, use Slide Show | Custom Shows... menu item.
  4. Next, configure PowerPoint to display the custom show when you start the slide show. To do this, select Slide Show | Set Up Show... menu item, select Custom show in the Show slides section and select your custom show in the list, click OK button.
Now when you start the slide show, PowerPoint will show your actual first 3 slides without slide numbers and slide #1 from your actual slide 4 onwards.

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