Here are products from OfficeOne that help solve problems and provide solutions by extending Microsoft Office applications.
Products for Microsoft PowerPoint
PowerShow View different PowerPoint slide shows on separate monitors simultaneously and much more.
Screen Saver The only multi-monitor screen saver that allows you to display different PowerPoint slide shows on different monitors simultaneously as screen saver.
Shortcut Manager for PowerPointUpdated Assign keyboard shortcuts to ribbon buttons, menu items, recorded macros and VBA code in Microsoft PowerPoint.
AutoDateTime Display current system date/time on PowerPoint slides. Customize the display in a variety of ways.
Shape Locker Updated Lock shape position, size, rotation, text and more with Shape Locker.
Daily Tools Tools to help you create presentations quickly.
ProTools Tools that help you create professional presentations. Precision shape positions, margins and adjustments and more.
PowerViewer Adds multiple monitor capabilities to Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer 2010 and Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer 2007.
True Slide Resize Resize your PowerPoint slides without distorting the shapes on the slides.
CircleTools Create and arrange shapes in a circular layout.
Send To Publisher Export Microsoft PowerPoint slides to Microsoft Publisher for booklet printing.
Display Assistant View the same window on multiple displays. Helps deliver presentations effectively.
TrackShow Use browser-style Back, Forward and History features to navigate through your slide history during slide shows.
InkTools Touch-friendly ink tools for use with tablets and interactive whiteboards during slide shows.
Color Picker Easily pick colors for shapes, text and slides. Apply colors to fills, outlines, shadows and glow.
Products for Microsoft Excel
Shortcut Manager for Excel Assign keyboard shortcuts to ribbon items in Microsoft Excel.
Products for Microsoft Windows
Slide Show Controller Allows you to control all running slide shows simultaneously.
Display Assistant View the same window on multiple displays.
Free Products for Microsoft PowerPoint
Event Generator Generates events for PowerPoint presentations.
Code Presenter Insert code snippets on slides in your PowerPoint presentations.
PowerPoint Web Browser Assistant Allows you to insert live web pages on slides in your PowerPoint presentation.
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