OfficeOne ShowMouse

Microsoft PowerPoint hides mouse during slide shows. It displays the mouse pointer when it sees sufficiently large activity in mouse movements. Some people have asked for not hiding the mouse at all during slide shows. This is where ShowMouse comes in. ShowMouse, when turned ON, will keep the mouse displayed during slide shows.


Download the 414 kb executable from here.

Using ShowMouse

Executing ShowMouse.exe (available from the start menu) will place its icon in the shell tray. Right-click on the this tray icon to get the menu using which one can enable or disable the ShowMouse feature or exit out of ShowMouse.

Known Issues

During slide shows, the mouse may blink occasionally on:

  • Windows NT 4.0 systems if Service Pack 6 is not installed. Workaround is to install SP6 or a later patch.
  • Windows 95 systems. There is no workaround for this.
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