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Control PowerViewer sessions on remote machines

OfficeOne PowerViewer brings multiple monitor capabilities to the free Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer.

The tutorial page explains you how to setup PowerViewer. After setting up PowerViewer, the following steps explain how run slide shows on remote machines through PowerViewer:

Step 1: The PsExec utility from Sysinternals allows you to run applications on remote machines. We will use PsExec to run slide shows through PowerViewer on remote machines and also to terminate them remotely.

Step 2: Assume that we want to run P1.ppt on monitor 1, P2.ppt on monitor 2 and P3.ppt on monitor 3 on remote machine named machine1. The command-line parameters would look like:

PsExec \\machine1 "C:\Program Files\OfficeOne\PowerViewer.exe" "C:\My Presentations\P1.ppt" 1
PsExec \\machine1 "C:\Program Files\OfficeOne\PowerViewer.exe" "C:\My Presentations\P2.ppt" 2
PsExec \\machine1 "C:\Program Files\OfficeOne\PowerViewer.exe" "C:\My Presentations\P3.ppt" 3

Step 3: The CloseAllPowerViewerSessions.exe allows you to terminate all running PowerViewer sessions. This utility can be used to terminate all the three running PowerViewer instances. Assuming that we download and copy CloseAllPowerViewerSessions.exe to C:\Program Files\OfficeOne\PowerViewer folder, it can be used with PsExec as follows:

PsExec \\machine1 "C:\Program Files\OfficeOne\CloseAllPowerViewerSessions.exe"

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