OfficeOne Shortcuts 6.2 for PowerPoint



Shortcuts for PowerPoint is a free add-on to Shortcut Manager for PowerPoint. It provides additional functionality to Microsoft PowerPoint that help in quicker design of presentations and better presenting of slide shows. Version 6.2 has the following procedures:

  1. Pause/Resume and Play Videos using keyboard shortcuts
  2. F3 to let you start the slide show from the present slide
  3. Ctrl+Q to close all slide show windows
  4. Ctrl+Alt+P to print the current slide
  5. Shortcuts to insert non-breaking space and non-breaking hyphen
  6. Shortcut to create a slide having Vertical Title and Text layout
  7. Shortcut to navigate through all open presentations simultaneously
  8. Shortcut to erase drawing made during slide shows
  9. Shortcut to select a pen color during slide shows
  10. More...

You can configure the key combinations to these features to suit your needs.

These procedures are also available for use from any action. The macro names for these procedures are also documented.

Click here to know more about the procedures presently available with Shortcuts for PowerPoint.

Note: Shortcuts for PowerPoint requires Shortcut Manager for PowerPoint installed on the machine. The installer can optionally install Shortcut Manager for PowerPoint.


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