Where is Expand Slide menu in PowerPoint 2000 (or later)?

Expand Slide menu item was available in Microsoft PowerPoint 97. It used to take the bulleted list on a slide and create a slide for each of the bullets. Each bullet would become the title of the new slide. Microsoft removed this in later versions of PowerPoint. All is not lost though - Microsoft introduced an alternate way to get the same functionality. The following steps take you through that way.

  1. Make sure you have the Formatting toolbar visible - there should be a check against View | Toolbars | Outlining menu item.
  2. In the Outline View, click on the slide number that you wish to expand. This would highlight the entire slide in the Outline View.
  3. Copy the slide using Edit | Copy menu item or the Ctrl+C shortcut key.
  4. Paste the slide using Edit | Paste menu item or the Ctrl+V shortcut key. You would get a copy of the same slide next to the original one.
  5. In the Outline View, highlight all the bullets of the new slide.
  6. Select the Promote button on the Outlining toolbar. The Promote button looks like Promote
  7. Each bullet on the slide would get converted into a slide.
  8. You can select the title of the slide that you created in step 4 and delete that slide.

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