True Slide Resize icon OfficeOne True Slide Resize

Here are the steps for using True Slide Resize. Use these after downloading and installing True Slide Resize on your machine.
  1. Open your presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint.
  2. Click True Slide Resize button on the Home tab if you are using PowerPoint 2007 or later versions:

    Click True Slide Resize... menu item in the Edit menu if you are using PowerPoint 2003 or earlier versions:

  3. In the True Slide Resize dialog box, select the slide size you want to resize your slides to:

  4. Click OK button.
Your slides will now get resized by OfficeOne True Slide Resize.
Note that the trial version resizes only the first 5 slides. The licensed version does not have such limitations. Click here to see the purchasing details.
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