Subclass PowerPoint Window

The code snippet here demonstrates how to subclass PowerPoint's main window. The subclass window procedure gets messages from Windows instead of the subclassed window procedure. In our case, we get the messages intended for PowerPoint. The code snippet handles the window close message (generated when 'X' is clicked on the window) and terminates PowerPoint when this message arrives. All other messages are transmitted "as is" to the subclassed window.


The code to subclass the PowerPoint window is included within a PowerPoint file. You can download the 16 kb PowerPoint file here.


After downloading the PowerPoint file, open it with PowerPoint and save it as a PowerPoint Addin (SubclassPowerPoint.ppa). Load this PowerPoint Addin (Tools | Add-Ins... | Add New...).


When this addin is active, PowerPoint will NOT prompt for saving any unsaved presentations. Use this addin with caution. You have been warned! 

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