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Licenses for OfficeOne AutoDateTime can be purchased online by using credit cards, debit cards, etc.

The following yearly subscription licensing options are available for OfficeOne AutoDateTime:
Subscription License Pack Description Annual Cost (US$) You Save (approx.) (US$) Buy through PayPal
Single License License for one user on one machine. 19.95  
Five Pack Licenses for 5 users. 89.95 10.00
Ten Pack Licenses for 10 users. 169.95 30.00
Volume License Use Volume Licensing to make it easier and more cost-effective to run AutoDateTime on multiple computers within a single purchasing organization. Email with your requirements.
After purchasing license for AutoDateTime, you will receive license keys by email. Execute the following utility with the license key to register AutoDateTime on your machine. Click on one of the following links to download the registration utility:
Both versions are identical - download the .zip version if you are unable to download .exe files.
Please ensure that your SPAM filters are set to allow email from
Please ensure that you have evaluated the trial edition of AutoDateTime to your satisfaction before making the purchase.
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