OfficeOne Send To Publisher 3.0

After downloading, execute the setup executable ppt2pub30.exe. You need to have Administrator privileges to install OfficeOne Send To Publisher on the system. After installation, Send To Publisher can be used from any account.
After downloading, install Send to Publisher as follows:
  1. Ensure that Microsoft PowerPoint is not running. Exit all instances of PowerPoint.
  2. Execute the setup executable PPT2Pub30.exe. This will install OfficeOne Send to Publisher and register it for use with PowerPoint.
  3. Start Microsoft PowerPoint.
Send To Publisher is now installed. In PowerPoint 2007 and later versions, you can export your PowerPoint presentations to Publisher by clicking Send to Publisher item in the Publisher group in Home tab. In PowerPoint 2003 and previous versions, select File | Send To | Microsoft Publisher...  menu item to export to Publisher.
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