OfficeOne Send To Publisher 3.0

OfficeOne Send To Publisher registers the license for use on the machine. Any user on the machine can use OfficeOne Send to Publisher after the license is registered with it. Administrator privileges are required for installing the product as well as registering the license. After a license is successfully registered, even guest users can use OfficeOne Send to Publisher. No further installation is required.
Licenses for OfficeOne Send To Publisher can be purchased online by using credit cards, debit cards, wire transfers, bank transfers, check, etc. Use the following links to purchase licenses.
The following licensing options are available for Send To Publisher.
License Pack Product ID Description Cost (US$) You Save (approx.) (US$)
Single License 200746 License for one computer. 39.95  
Three Pack 200773 Licenses for 3 computers. 99.95 20.00
Five Pack 200774 Licenses for 5 computers. 159.95 40.00
Ten Pack 200775 Licenses for 10 computers. 299.95 100.00
Volume Licensing Use Volume Licensing to make it easier and more cost-effective to run Send To Publisher on multiple computers within a single purchasing organization.
Email with your requirements.
These secure links are provided by Digital River to enable Send To Publisher licenses to be purchased online using credit cards, check cards and other means. Please note that the charge on your credit card would be recorded as appearing from "DRI*OFFICEONE.MVPS.ORG".
After purchasing license for Send To Publisher, you will receive a license key by email. Execute the following utility with the license key to register Send To Publisher on your machine. Click on one of the following links to download the registration utility:
Both versions are identical - download the .zip version if you are unable to download .exe files.
Execute the utility available here with this license key to register Send To Publisher on your machine.
Please be sure that your SPAM filters are set to allow email from
Please ensure that you have evaluated the trial edition of Send To Publisher to your satisfaction before making the purchase.
You can place a credit card order over the phone by calling the following numbers:
  • 1 800 406-4966 for US and Canadian customers.
  • +49 221 31088-30 for customers from all other countries.
These numbers are for Digital River. Before placing the order, please make sure you know the Product ID (see the table above). Please note that these numbers are for placing orders only.
As a corporate client, you can generally order using a purchase order. POs are processed by Digital River. Please follow this checklist if ordering by PO:
  1. One of the following addresses should appear on the PO as the vendor for this purchase:
    Customer Service USA
    (Language: English)

    Share-it - Digital River GmbH
    c/o Digital River, Inc.
    10380 Bren Road West
    Minnetonka, MN 55343, USA
    Tel.: +1 952 646-5747 or +1 800 903-4152
    Fax: +1 952 646-4552
    Customer Service Europe
    (Languages: German/English/French/Italian/Spanish/Portuguese)

    Share-it - Digital River GmbH
    c/o Digital River Ireland Ltd.
    Unit 153
    Shannon Free Zone West
    Shannon Co. Clare
    Phone: +49 221 31088-20
    Fax: +49 221 31088-29
  2. You can fax your order or submit it by postal mail to the fax number/address listed above. US and Canadian customers, please use the US address, all other customers can choose either one.
  3. Please use your company's official purchase order form or letterhead to submit the purchase order.
  4. The product name and the specific Product ID (see the table above).
  5. The number of items desired.
  6. The name the product license will be issued to.
  7. Your billing address and your delivery address, if different.
  8. Name, phone and fax number of the contact person for your order.
  9. The e-mail address to which the order confirmation and invoice should be sent, and your e-mail delivery address, if different.
  10. The requested billing currency.
  11. Please be sure that the PO is signed by an authorized purchasing agent for your company.
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