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When InkTools is installed, the InkTools panel displays automatically when you start the slide show. You can also access InkTools any time during the slide show through the Show/Hide OfficeOne InkTools menu item introduced in the right-click menu of the slide show:
The InkTools panel can be configured in horizontal layout as well as vertical layout. The horizontal layout looks like:
The newly introduced ink tools features are especially useful when using a touch-friendly tablet or devices like interactive projectors and interactive whiteboards.
Feature 1: New Slide
This button adds a blank slide after the current slide and navigates the slide show to the newly created blank slide. This facilitates recording feedback and adding more details for explaining the presentation without exiting the slide show.
Feature 2: Select Pointer and Pen Colors
At the touch of a button, you can select between the Arrow and Pen pointers through the InkTools panel. The InkTools panel also allows you to select between Red [], Green [], Blue [], Yellow [], Black [], White [], Dark Red [] and Orange [] colors at the touch of a button.
Feature 3: Erase drawing elements and Erase All ink
The Erase button changes the pointer to an eraser. An eraser allows you to erase the inked elements on the slide individually. The Erase All button allows you to erase all inked elements on the current slide.
Feature 4: Navigate slide show
The Previous Slide and Next Slide buttons provide a convenient way to navigate through the slide show. Without these 2 buttons, it could be difficult to go back in a slide show on Tablet PCs.
Feature 5: Configure InkTools
The Settings button allows you to configure InkTools. Click it to bring up the configure dialog box:
Using the configure dialog box, you can change the layout of InkTools panel, change button styles and also configure whether you want InkTools to get displayed automatically when the slide show starts.
The vertical layout of InkTools panel looks like:
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