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Shortcut Manager for PowerPoint introduces the keyboard shortcuts customization feature to PowerPoint. It allows you to define your own shortcuts to ribbon buttons, menu items, toolbars and macros. In Home tab, click Customize button in Keyboard Shortcuts group:
to get the Customize Shortcuts dialog box:
Customize Shortcuts
Feature 1: Define your own keyboard shortcuts to ribbon buttons, menu items and recorded macros
Microsoft PowerPoint simplifies recurring tasks through the use of macros. The macros themselves can be automatically generated by PowerPoint by using the recording facility (Tools | Macro | Record New Macro...). Macros can also be written in the Visual Basic Editor using VBA.
The macro code needs to be invoked from one of the menu items in the PowerPoint user interface. There is no way to invoke a macro using keyboard shortcuts. Using Shortcut Manager, you can assign keyboard shortcuts to existing menu items, recorded macros and macros written in VBE even if they don't appear in the PowerPoint user interface.
With PowerShow, you no longer require a separate machine dedicated to run the slide shows. This gets you significant cost savings since you no longer have to purchase separate machines and their software licenses.
Click here for more information on assigning keyboard shortcuts to macros.
Feature 2: Define your keyboard shortcuts that are active in only certain modes
Shortcut Manager for PowerPoint allows you to define keyboard shortcuts that are active only while designing the presentation or only during the slide show.
Feature 3: Find your feature quickly
With the Find box, you can quickly filter the commands that you want. For instance, typing "align" in the Find box shows you only the commands that have align in the text. This will effectively give you a list of alignment commands.
Feature 4: Define shortcuts to commands that aren't available directly through the PowerPoint User Interface
PowerPoint has more than 750 command and most of them are not readily available from its user interface. While some of these commands can be inserted into the ribbon or toolbars and menus, some others are available only on other toolbars. There are still some others that are hidden from the user interface and available only through code. Shortcut Manager for PowerPoint surfaces those and enables you to define keyboard shortcuts to invoke these commands.
Many of these commands are active only for a certain context. Shortcut Manager invokes these commands during these contexts only.
Feature 5: Define shortcuts to password protected VBA macros
Microsoft PowerPoint allows you to password protect the VBA macros. This prevents the macros from being accidentally modified. Shortcut Manager allows you to create keyboard shortcuts to password protected macros. Click here for more information on how to do this.
Feature 6: Define shortcuts in Presentation Templates. Presentations created from these templates automatically inherit these shortcuts
The keyboard shortcuts can be defined while creating the presentation templates. These shortcut definitions are stored with the templates. When presentations are created from such a template, the shortcut definitions are copied to the presentation.
Click here to download the add-in.
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