OfficeOne Shortcut Manager SDK for PowerPoint

This page discusses Shortcut Manager SDK for Microsoft PowerPoint add-in developers who wish to add shortcut facility to their own add-ins. For the main page, click here.
Shortcut Manager for PowerPoint provides API functions using which add-ins can register for a particular key combination. When the registered key combination is pressed, Shortcut Manager calls the callback specified during registration. The add-ins are free to take any action in the callback function. In fact the add-in that ships with Shortcut Manager package registers with Shortcut Manager for the key combinations that the user supplies.
Click one of the following links to download Shortcut Manager SDK for PowerPoint:
Both versions are identical - download the .zip version if you are unable to download .exe files.
SDK Contents
The SDK contains:
  • Documentation that explains how add-ins can register for particular key combinations as well as one of the providers of user interface for customizing shortcuts. The documentation is also available in online here.
  • Sample source codes and add-ins are included that demonstrate the usage of Shortcut Manager APIs. One of the sample add-ins shows the basic functionality which includes registering key combinations with Shortcut Manager and getting called when the key combination is pressed. Another sample  add-in demonstrates advanced functionality which also includes registering with Shortcut Manager as one of the providers of user interface for customizing shortcuts.
More Samples
The PowerPoint Calculator uses Shortcut Manager APIs for enabling keyboard interactions during the slide show. The code for PowerPoint Calculator is open for all uses.
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