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Lock shape's position in a group with OfficeOne Shape Locker
OfficeOne Shape Locker allows you to lock a shape's position on the slide. Using the technique listed here, you can also lock a shape's position within a group of shapes while the entire group remains moveable. The key to achieve this is to lock the individual shape's position and then create the group. This makes the shape's position locked within the group rather than on the slide.
If you have 2 shapes that you want to move as a group but not individually, the steps are as follows:
  1. Open your presentation in PowerPoint
  2. Select the 2 shapes and click the Design Tools tab. This tab is introduced by Shape Locker.
  3. Click the Shape Locker button on it:
  4. You will now access the Shape Locker dialog box:
  5. Check the Position box.
  6. Click OK button.
  7. Shape Locker will now make modifications to your presentation and reopen it when the modifications are done.
  8. Note that your 2 shapes are not able to move on the slide because of the Position lock applied to those.
  9. Group the 2 shapes. This will make the whole group moveable and the Position lock now applies within the group. The shapes will have their position within the group locked.
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