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PowerShow Controller
The PowerShow Controller utility enables you to launch single shows with PowerShow support from command-line. This utility named PowerShowControl.exe is available in the folder that was specified while installing PowerShow. This is usually C:\Program Files\OfficeOne\PowerShow\.
The PowerShow Controller accepts the following syntax:
PowerShowControl <command> <params>
The following is a list of valid commands:
Command Description
first <row> go to first slide.
previous <row> go to previous slide.
next <row> go to next slide.
last <row> go to last slide.
lastviewed <row> go to last viewed slide.
slideindex <row> <slide index> go to the specified slide.
black <row> change screen to black.
white <row> change screen to white.
normal <row> change screen back to normal.
pause <row> pause slide show.
resume <row> resume slide show.
The <row> parameter corresponds to the row number in PowerShow Session Settings dialog box:
PowerShow Session Settings Dialog
The first row in this dialog box corresponds to row number 1.
In the above PowerShow Session Settings dialog box, Seven Wonders.ppt is at row 2, Metropolitan.ppt is at row 4 and Pyramids.ppt is at row 5. The following are example commands and their effects:
PowerShowControl first 4
This instructs PowerShow to go to the first slide for the slide show of row 4. The effect would be to navigate Metropolitan.ppt to first slide.
PowerShowControl next 2
This instructs PowerShow to go to the next slide for the slide show of row 2. This would navigate Seven Wonders.ppt to next slide.
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