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Multi-Panel Show Launcher
The Multi-Panel Show Launcher utility enables you to launch Multi-Panel Shows from command-line. This utility named LaunchMultiPanelShow.exe is available in the folder that was specified while installing PowerShow. This is usually C:\Program Files\OfficeOne\PowerShow\.
The Multi-Panel Show Launcher accepts the following syntax:
LaunchMultiPanelShow "filename.ppt" [ -x<monitor_count> ] [ -y<monitor_count> ]
filename.ppt The presentation file name for Multi-Panel Show. Ensure that full path is also specified.
-x Span show across these many monitors wide.
-y Span show across these many monitors in height
By default, Multi-Panel Show Launcher assumes shows to start on the primary monitor - 1 monitor wide by 1 monitor in height.
LaunchMultiPanelShow "C:\Presentations\SevenWonders.ppt" -x2 -y2
Launches SevenWonders.ppt in a 4 monitor setup with monitors arranged in 2x2 matrix layout.
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