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The following tutorial guides you through the steps involved in configuring a PowerShow session to run multiple PowerPoint shows simultaneously on different monitors.
Some things to remember:
  • A PowerShow session consists of PowerPoint presentations and the display monitors.
  • PowerShow starts setting up the shows from the first monitor.
  • A PowerShow session can skip some monitors along the way in setting up shows if you wish to not use those monitors.
  • You can configure a show to span multiple consecutive monitors.
  • You can also configure presentation notes to span multiple consecutive monitors.
We start a PowerShow session by opening the presentations that should participate in the session. After open the presentations, select Slide Show | Power Show... menu item to launch the PowerShow Session Settings dialog box.
The settings dialog box:
  • Shows the number of monitors that PowerShow thinks are present in the system.
  • Allows you to select presentation slide show and the number of monitors that the selected show should span across.
  • Allows you to select presentation notes and the number of monitors that the notes view should span across. Notes formatting is retained.
  • Allows you to select the number of monitors that should be skipped.
  • Allows you to save the selected options into PowerShow Session Settings (PSS) file.
Keeping these things in mind, we look at some sample sessions. Check them out:
  1. Configure a PowerPoint show on a secondary monitor keeping the primary monitor available for other tasks
  2. Configure 3 PowerPoint shows over 6 monitors
  3. Display PowerPoint slide show on the projector while viewing formatted PowerPoint notes view on the laptop
  4. Configure PowerPoint show to display on a 4 monitors arranged in 2x2 configuration
  5. View the same slide show on 3 monitors - see Synchronous Shows
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