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Display 2 slides side-by-side on a monitor as a booklet
PowerShow supports a feature called Ticker Show that allows you to show multiple slide shows on the same monitor. We will use this feature to show 2 slides side-by-side on the same monitor. Assume that we have a left presentation that represents the left side of the booklet and right presentation that represents the right side of the booklet. Since we want to show 2 slides from the same presentation side-by-side to form a booklet, we would create a duplicate presentation and make it trail the original presentation by a slide. The steps are as follows:
  1. Assume that we have a presentation named Right.pptx. We create a duplicate of this presentation and call it Left.pptx:
    1. Open Right.pptx in Microsoft PowerPoint.
    2. Save the presentation as Left.pptx.
    3. Open Left.pptx as well as Right.pptx in Microsoft PowerPoint.
  2. In Left.pptx, insert a new blank slide at the beginning of the presentation.
  3. Setup Right.pptx to follow Left.pptx as follows:
    1. Select Slide Show | Prepare Sync Show item.
    2. Select Left.pptx as the Master presentation and place a check against Right.pptx as the Follower presentation: Prepare Sync Show
    3. Click OK button.
  4. Download and store the BookletLayout.ppt in the same folder as Left.ppt and Right.ppt. This layout configures Ticker Show to start the Left.ppt and Right.ppt side-by-side. Open BookletLayout.ppt in Microsoft PowerPoint.
  5. Start Ticker Show to show the Left.ppt and Right.ppt side-by-side:
    1. Select Slide Show | Ticker Show item.
    2. Select BookletLayout.ppt as TickerShow Layout Presentation. TickerShow Session Settings
    3. Click the Start Show button.
The sample files to demonstrate the technique described here are available for download here .
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