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Show multiple slide shows across multiple machines
Synchronize slide shows across different machines
OfficeOne PowerShow is able to display multiple slide shows through multiple monitors connected to a machine and also is able to synchronize different slide shows with a master slide show through its Synchronous Shows feature.
Spacedesk allows you to use monitors connected to other machines as monitors on a particular machine. It shows monitors connected to other machines as if they are connected to a particular machine. You can use PowerShow in conjunction with Spacedesk to display slide shows across monitors connected to different machines and also synchronize them.
The steps are as follows:
  1. Download and install Spacedesk Server on your machine that would run PowerShow. The download .zip file contains two installation files. One for PrimaryPC, which installs the server and you install that on the machine that would run PowerPoint and PowerShow. There is this SecondaryPC installer, which installs the viewer and you install that on your machine from where you would view full-screen the server's additional monitors created virtually by Spacedesk.
  2. Download and install Spacedesk Client (Personal View) on the machine that adds display to Spacedesk Server. Each client adds a display to the server.
  3. Start Spacedesk Server first and then start Spacedesk clients on the other machines. The Spacedesk clients will search and locate the Server automatically and add a display to the server. You can make the client full-screen through the View menu, Full screen menu item.
  4. After the Server and Clients connect with each other, start PowerPoint and use PowerShow. PowerShow correctly identifies the Spacedesk's virtual monitors as monitors connected to the system. You can now use PowerShow normally.
  5. The Synchronous Shows feature of PowerShow allows you to setup a Master-Follower relationship between slide shows. This allows you to run slide shows where if you navigate the Master slide show, PowerShow will navigate the Follower slide shows and keep the Follower slide shows in-sync with the Master slide show. More information about Synchronous Shows is available here.
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