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Start PowerShow session as soon as PC starts
One of the uses of PowerShow is to continuously run different slide shows on different monitors unattended. In such cases, a computer is dedicated to such a task and is configured to login automatically as soon as it starts. You can extend the configuration to automatically start PowerShow session as well. The steps are as follows:
Assume that you wish to display 2 different slide shows on 2 different monitors simultaneously. Let us call the presentations Pres1.ppt and Pres2.ppt and assume that they are stored in C:\Presentations folder.
  1. Open your presentations Pres1.ppt and Pres2.ppt in Microsoft PowerPoint.
  2. Ensure that the presentations Pres1.ppt and Pres2.ppt are configured to run continuously. The steps to configure them to run continuously are provided at the following page: Run slide shows continuously.
  3. Configure PowerShow to run your 2 presentations on different monitors simultaneously as follows:
    1. Select Slide Show | Power Show item.
    2. On the Presentations tab, set up the configuration as follows:
      1. Select your Pres1.ppt <Slide Show> in the first row and 1 monitor.
      2. Select your Pres2.ppt <Slide Show> in the second row and 1 monitor.
  4. Save the PowerShow Session Settings by clicking the Save Settings... button. Navigate to the folder where you wish to place the settings file and provide the file name. Assume that you saved the settings to the file settings.pss in the same C:\Presentations folder.
  5. You can now double-click the settings.pss file in Windows to start a PowerShow settings with the settings that were saved in the file. PowerShow takes care of starting Microsoft PowerPoint, opening the presentations, configuring the PowerShow session and starting it.
  6. PowerShow comes with a utility called PowerShow Launcher that gets used when you double-click the settings file in Windows. PowerShow Launcher (named LaunchPowerShow.exe) is usually located in C:\Program Files\OfficeOne\PowerShow\.
    1. Place a shortcut to LaunchPowerShow.exe in Windows Startup folder to make it start as soon as Windows starts.
    2. Right-click on the shortcut and click Properties to bring up Shortcut Properties dialog box.
    3. The Target box would contain the full path to LaunchPowerShow.exe in double quotes. Place C:\Presentations\settings.pss after it to result in the following:
      "C:\Program Files\OfficeOne\PowerShow\LaunchPowerShow.exe" "C:\Presentations\settings.pss"
When Windows boots up and logs in to the account, it will run LaunchPowerShow.exe. In turn, LaunchPowerShow.exe will read settings.pss from C:\Presentations folder, start Microsoft PowerPoint, open Pres1.ppt and Pres2.ppt presentations and start each slide show on different monitor.
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